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GSM ავტო დამრეკი

VISION 3 COMPACT GSC telephone dialer
Product features:
. Can send SPEECH and SMS text messages
. Can be programmed through integrated keypad or SMS text messages sent to the system
. 3 Inputs separately programmable and configurable + 1 input for notification of activation/deactivation of external devices
. 3 PGM Outputs controllable by user for remote switching of other devices
. Up to 208 telephone numbers can act on a PGM output
. Simulated PSTN line at 12V, transparent to DTMF tones and for remote controlling of other devices
. Open Collector Outputs to notify: fault, GSM activity and signal strength
. 8 telephone numbers for telephone calls and notification through digital protocols
. Metal cover - Dimensions: H 200 x L 260 x D 45 mm

GS3055-I GSM Alarm Communicator
Product Description:
The GS3055-I GSM universal wireless alarm communicator can be used in a backup or primary role. The GS3055-I connects the alarm control panel to the GSM network and reports alarm signals directly to a monitoring station receiver (Sur-Gard System II/System III). For those customers not using a traditional PSTN phone line, the communicator can be utilized as a primary alarm communicator. The GS3055-I uses the GPRS data channel of the GSM network to ensure low-cost, high-speed and reliable alarm communications and is compatible with any control panel that communicates using the Contact ID format.
Product features:
. Compatible with any control panel that communicates using the Contact ID format
. Full event reporting
. Uses GPRS data channel for high-speed, reliable and low-cost communications to an IP receiver
. 4 on-board inputs
. 4 on-board outputs (open collector)
. SIM card (included)
. Activation and initialization via the automated telephone activation system (VRU) or web-user interface provided by CONNECT 24
. Advanced programming via web-user interface
. Compatible with Sur-Gard System II/III monitoring station receivers
. Special rate plans and administration through CONNECT 24
. UL/ULC listed

B-TEL99 Voice telephone dialer
Product Description:
The B-TEL99 voice telephone dialler is the best way to complete an installation that requires a voice dialler. It has 2 alarm channels, and is able to monitor 2 distinct events (e.g. the burglary alarm and fire alarm). The B-TEL99 offers advanced management of alarm messages, the recording time (32 seconds) can be divided into one, two or three messages as required. The messages are recorded on a solid-state memory. The quality of recorded messages may be checked on the built-in loudspeaker. By dialling the user code on the telephone keypad, the user who receives an alarm call from the B-TEL99, can listen-in on the environmental sounds picked up by the dialler microphone, and consequently, decide consequently on the action. The user code can also interrupt the alarm calls from the B-TEL99 keypad. The programmable installer code accesses programming, which is made quick and easy by the alphanumeric keypad and LED display. The B-TEL99 event logger allows viewing of the result of the last 255 calls. The attractively designed plastic box is perfect for on-view installation.
Product Features:
. 2 alarm channels with priority management
. 7 programmable telephone numbers for each channel
. 15 digits available for each telephone number: allows pauses of 1 or 5 seconds
. Possibility to record either one, two or three messages: 1 message of 32 seconds max. common to both channels; 1 message of 16 seconds max. for each channel; 1 message of 16 seconds max. common to both channels and 1 message of 8 seconds max. for each channel
. Repeats alarm message for 20, 40, 60 or 80 seconds
. Repeats the call cycle up to 5 times
. Terminal for call cycle interruption
. Possibility to stop alarms via keypad by means of a PIN code
. Programmable installer code for access to programming
. Possibility to program alarm call activation by means of positive drop or negative command
. Bypassable Answer check
. Storage of the last 255 calls
. Remote listen-in and interrupt alarmcallcycle by entering user code on telephone keypad
. Protection against accidental polarity inversion of the battery

BGSM-A GSM communication
Product Description:
BGSM-A is the state of the art for the integration between security systems and GSM communication. It can be simply and cost-effectively integrated with all alarm systems, and can operate as a GSM interface, voice dialler, SMS dialler and remote control via SMS. The BGSM-A Interface facility allows ordinary two-wire PSTN telephones to switch to the GSM network in the event of PSTN Trouble (line down). The simulated line, provided by the BGSM-A, supplies the line and ring voltage, thus allowing the hardwired telephone device to operate as a wireless device. The BGSM-A can also operate as a 4 channels SMS dialler. In fact, it provides 4 inputs (channels), each able to manage 2 text messages (SMS), that will be sent when the channel status changes. The 4 input channels can also be used to activate the GSM voice dialler facility. The BGSM-A can be used in numerous telematic applications, and it is the perfect way to complete a security system. Available in two models: BGSM-A/12 powered by 13,8Vdc; BGSM-A/230 powered from mains.
Product Features:
. Supplies a simulated PSTN line
. 4 Inputs for the activation of voice and SMS dialler (optional NC2/VOX board required for voice dialler)
. 2 SMS messages available on each input
. Programmable Voice/SMS dialler-channel activation polarity
. 8 telephone numbers available for the Voice/SMS dialler facility
. 5 outputs open collector (150mA)
. Output control via SMS
. Outputs can be used for status and troubles signalling
. Programmable output-activation polarity
. Management of incoming and outgoing calls
. Incoming and outgoing call LEDs
. Signal strength indicator
. Display for device status signalling
. Includes prefix when operating in Interface mode
. Dual-band
. SIM card programmable via any GSM cellphone, or via a specific software application (runs under Windows)
. Calls register available via software
. Dimensions antenna excluded (wxhxd): 141x233x59 mm
. Weight (without battery): 1,29 Kg (BGSM-A/12); 1,6 Kg (BGSM-A/220)

BGSM-I GSM communication
Product Description:
The BGSM-I gives total confidence in all security and surveillance applications and is the ideal way of completing whatever system. It provides advanced communication features through the GSM network and can be used in numerous telematic applications. BGSM-I functions: BACKUP LINE (SIMULATED LAND LINE) The BGSM-I simulated land line feature provides traditional telephone devices with a backup line. The BGSM-I will switch to the simulated line in the event of land line trouble (line down). Under normal circumstances, neither the BGSM-I nor the connected telephone device will require programming. SMS DIALLER The SMS dialler function manages 8 telephone numbers and, when the status changes occur on its 4 inputs, provides the respective message. The SMS dialler function also sends trouble alert, periodic transmission and pay-as-you-go balance messages (pre-paid SIM cards). HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCE MANAGEMENT VIA SMS The BGSM-I can recognize the incoming SMS messages (with password protection) and turn On/Off the 4 outputs available for this function. GATE CONTROL FUNCTION The BGSM-I provides 95 programmable telephone numbers. On recognition of an incoming call from any of these numbers, the device will activate the respective output (Gate Control) without answering the call. This feature in cost free. CONTACT ID DIALLER The BGSM-I sends input, PSTN line and power supply status reports to central stations using Contact ID reporting format, and also sends periodic messages. These communications can be sent to 4 telephone numbers. The BGMS-I is protected against tamper and provides tamper signalling on two terminals. This device can be programmed and controlled via a user-friendly PC software application (accessory item).
Product features:
. Simulates PSTN line (backup line)
. Compatible with whatever control panel
. Switches automatically to GSM network in the event of PSTN trouble (line down)
. 8 telephone numbers (max. 20 digits) for SMS dialler
. 4 telephone numbers (max. 20 digits) for Contac ID communicator
. 95 telephone numbers (max. 20 digits) for remote control of the outputs
. 4inputs for SMS Dialler and Contac ID communicator activation with 2 SMS messages, user codes and Contac ID event for each input
. Programmable Input-activation polarity
. Send SMS and Contac ID Trouble reports
. Send SMS and Contac ID Periodic reports
. Pay-As-You-Go balance report
. 4 programmable open-collector outputs (monostable or bistable)
. Remote control by means of SMS message to BGSM-I
. Remote control feedback (SMS message of ring)
. Outputs can be used for device status signals
. Incoming and outgoing call mamagement
. SIM card can be programmed via GSM cellphone or software application
. Dimensions (wxhxd): 138x224x55 mm
. Weight (without battery): 900 gr